Prolific Lacrosse (Los Angeles) High School and Elite travel club teams went 8-2 at the 8th Annual All-West Lacrosse Showcase this past weekend in Morgan Hill, CA.

Prolific sent a roster of more than 30 players from Los Angeles and surrounding areas, representing Thousand Oaks High School, Viewpoint School, Mira Costa High School, Palisades Charter High School, and Cardigan Mountain School.

“The last tournament challenged us and was a great barometer for what we needed to work on. ┬áIt was great to see these boys rise to that challenge at a great, competitive tournament, “says Prolific founder and director Tyler Gilbert.

“These boys learned how to regroup, fight back, and apply their conditioning, which in turn allowed them to develop a new sense of confidence,” says coach Mike Song, after the HS squad bounced back to beat Aces Lacrosse 8-4, coming back from a 4-1 deficit at half.

Coaches Gilbert and Song are joined by coaches Mike Delabar (Viewpoint School, Director of Lacrosse Operations) and Chas Carlson (Thousand Oaks High School, JV Head Coach).

The Prolific HS and Elite rosters include:

Kieran McGuire (Attack, Thousand Oaks HS, CA – Senior)
Soren Bay (Attack, Thousand Oaks HS – Sophomore)
Chow, Jonathan (Attack, Thousand Oaks HS, CA – Sophomore)
Eric Conlon (Attack/Midfield, Thousand Oaks HS – Senior)
Andrew Davidson (Midfield/Attack, Palisades Charter HS, CA – Senior)
Jack Mudgett (Attack, Thousand Oaks HS – Sophomore)
Dillon Pentis (Attack, Thousand Oaks HS, CA – Junior)
Lockshin, Jeremy (Attack, Landon School, MD/Cardigan Mountain School, NH – 8th Grade)
Connor Koeritz (Midfield, Thousand Oaks HS – Senior)
Ryder De Luca (Midfield, Thousand Oaks HS – Sophomore)
Jake Semenza (Midfield, Thousand Oaks HS, CA – Junior)
Jason Pineda (Midfield, Thousand Oaks HS – Sophomore)
Parsa Rezapour (Midfield, Viewpoint School, CA – Sophomore)
Tommy Maher (Midfield, Viewpoint School, CA – Sophomore)
Will Dutton (Midfield, Thousand Oaks HS, CA – Sophomore)
Jack Greeley (Midfield, Thousand Oaks HS – Sophomore)
Matt Parham (Midfield/Faceoff, Thousand Oaks HS, CA – Freshman)
Parks Gissinger (Midfield, Viewpoint School, CA – Freshman)
Dylan Gregory (Midfield, Thousand Oaks HS, CA – Junior)
Zach Byington (Midfield, Thousand Oaks HS, CA – Senior)
Brady Finnegan (Midfield, Thousand Oaks HS, CA – Senior)DEFENSE/LONG-STICK MIDDIE
Nick Selesky (Defense, Thousand Oaks HS, CA – Senior)
Alex Alsabery (Defense, Thousand Oaks HS, CA – Senior)
Christian Neel (Defense/LSM – Senior)
Chase Thomas (Defense, Thousand Oaks HS, CA – Junior)
Jake Sager (Defense, Thousand Oaks HS – Senior)
James Fish (Defense, Thousand Oaks HS – Senior)
Jake Allred (Defense, Thousand Oaks HS, CA – Senior)
Kyle Page (Defense, Thousand Oaks HS – Sophomore)
Hunter Bernard (Defense, Mira Costa HS, CA – Sophomore)
Henry Beglinger (Defense, Notre Dame, CA – Freshman)
Martin Avila (Defense, Palisades Charter HS, CA – Freshman)
Sean Hall (LSM, Thousand Oaks HS, CA – Senior)

CJ Ortiz (Goalie, Thousand Oaks HS, CA – Senior)
Jack Compton (Goalie, Viewpoint School, CA – Freshman)

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