Team Prolific is a travel tournament team made up of recruited players from Los Angeles and surrounding areas.  Prolific Coaches select and invite players to try out based on exceptional character, desire, and motivation to become the best player he can be.

What makes Prolific teams unique are three things:

Compete.  Prolific coaches drive the highest competitive potential from each player.  Using Prolific’s progressive coaching techniques and advanced curriculum, integrated with team competition, players are able to compete at their optimal potential.

Expose.  Through tournaments across California and the US, Prolific teams play against a variety of teams at the highest levels, giving the most exposure, and thus building the most confidence in each player.

Training Camps.  In preparation for each tournament, Team Prolific conducts a full day training camp, immersing players in skills, team strategies and plays, and conditioning.

2015 Fall/Winter Team Training and Tournament Dates

Prolific 2015 Fall Tryouts-5


  • Custom Prolific Helmet
  • Custom Prolific Gloves
  • Team Travel Bag

All field players must come equipped with stick, cleats, helmet, gloves, arm pads, shoulder pads, mouth guard, and athletic cup. Goalies require chest protector and throat guard.

Prolific Teams are coached with Division I, Division II, Division III, NCAA Championship, and World Game experience.


To request to tryout 2015 Summer teams, click here.